Haemophilia & Health Collective of North recommendation on policy & protocols for selecting the right product for optimal haemophilia care in india


Haemophilia & Health Collective of North

under the aegis of MAMC and Lok Nayak Hospital in association with Hemophilia Advocacy Society (Regd.)

Respected Doctor,

It gives us a great honor, privilege and pleasure in inviting you in our upcoming meeting- “Haemophilia Conclave 2023” to be held on 20th of July 2023 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Haemophilia Conclave 2023 will strive to bring think tanks, National and Regional faculties working in the space of Haemophilia together, along with Physicians and healthcare professionals working at Haemophilia Treatment Centers of different parts of India. In particular, this conference is focused to bring out with consensus on Policy and Protocols for Optimal Haemophilia Care in Developing Countries by engaging all haemophilia stakeholders who plays a vital role in Haemophilia Management.

The Meeting is being organized by Haemophilia & Health Collective of North (HHCN) under the aegis of MAMC & Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi in association with Hemophilia Advocacy Society (Regd.).

Experts from different specialities like Clinical Haematology, Pediatric Haematology Clinical Medicine, Paediatrics, Pathology, Blood Transfusion Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Dentistry and other support pillars like Nursing, Physiotherapy, Sociology and Psychology  will join together during Haemophilia Conclave 2023 besides the dignitaries of Health Departments across India.

We will be having expert speaker from United States of America to share his expertise and experience in newer developments in haemophilia care.

There will be series of sessions and panel discussions planned which will be covering status and gaps in haemophilia care, prioritizing primary treatment regimens and segmenting different archetypes for different protocols based on clinical outcomes & cost-effectiveness useful for developing country like India with an intent to optimise the resources.

We request you to accept this invitation for Haemophilia Conclave 2023 and guide with you expertise for the welfare of Persons with Hemophilia in our society.

Looking forward for your esteemed presence and active participation in Haemophilia Conclave 2023 !

Dr. Naresh Gupta
Organizing Chairperson
Haemophilia Conclave 2023

Dr Sunita Aggarwal
Organizing Secretary
Haemophilia Conclave 2023

Dr. Sujata Mathews
Joint Organizing Secretary
Haemophilia Conclave 2023

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